We get asked daily whether we have the grommet set for your older racquets and discontinued models of tennis, racquetball and squash racquets.  Tennis, squash and racquetball manufacturers used to continue to produce bumper and grommet sets for racquets several years after the racquet was discontinued.  Today that is not the case.  Typically the major racquet manufacturers produce a grommet set only for a couple of years post racquet production.  We maintain inventory where possible so that we can service racquets long after the grommet sets are out of production.

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What if you can’t find the grommet set for your racquet?

If you are really attached to your older racquet and are loathe to upgrade to a newer model, there are a couple of options.  One, send your racquet to us to repair or take it to a local professional racquet stringer.  Depending on the condition of the bumper and grommets in your racquet a Master Racquet Technician can often times replace individual grommets, tube the holes where grommets are missing, or use alternate parts from a similar frame to repair and restring your racquet.  Two, keep hunting for the grommet set you need – maybe you can find it on ebay or other auction sites.  Three, go ahead and take it as a sign that it’s time to move on and get yourself into a new racquet.

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Tips / Reminders about Racquet Bumper Grommet Sets:

  • a bumper / grommet set can only be replaced when restringing your racquet (it requires that strings be out of racquet in order to install the parts).
  • most racquets have a specific set for that racquet or that series of racquets.  Make certain you know the exact model and / or head size (for tennis) of the racquet you have.
  • bumper / grommet installation is best left to an experienced racquet technician as proper installation is required in order for proper stringing of your racquet post-installation.
  • use racquet guard tape to prolong the life of your bumper guard once your parts have been replaced and your racquet newly strung.

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