Racquetball Bumper and Grommet Sets

We stock racquetball bumper and grommet sets for many older and current racquetball racquet models.  Remember that grommet sets can only be replaced at time of stringing, so it is handy to have an extra set on hand for the next time you break your strings.  Not sure if your bumper / grommet set needs to be replaced?  Ask a reputable stringe or inspect for wear spots on the bumper guard, looking for areas of cracked or thinning plastic.  Oftentimes if your string broke close to the sides or top of the racquet frame, the cause was either a mishit (no, not you!) or cracked or missing grommets along the inside of the racquet’s head.  If either the bumper or the grommets show wear, we recommend having them replaced on your next restring.