Racquetball Racquets

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Tips for choosing a racquetball racquet:

Racquet weight:  Finding the best weight for a racquetball racquet may involve some demoing, if possible.  If it is not feasible to demo, follow these simple guidelines which we’ve been using for many years to help players find the right racquetball racquet for their game.  By the way, we do NOT use age as a guideline…for anyone who’s spent time watching professional racquetball, all the way down to amateur racquetball you’ve no doubt seen players at every age who have varying degrees of ability on the court.  There is no reason to work age into the equation.  The more meaningful factor is swing speed and the player’s goals, if any for improving their swing.  For an improving player, a fast-wrist snap is the ultimate goal in achieving the best racquetball form and powerful shots.

  • A slower swing favors a heavier racquet (more mass behind the ball to help generate power)
  • A faster wrist snap favors a lighter racquet (power thru racquet-head-acceleration)
  • A player who plays with some of both swing styles will benefit from a middle-weight racquet (say 170, 175 grams)

Grip Sizes:  Racquetball racquets are usually available in a larger (XS, LG, 3-15/16″) or smaller (SS, 3-5/8″) grip size.  The majority of players use the smaller grip size because in racquetball, the smallest grip size you can comfortably hold will help give you the best wrist-snap of the racquet.