Where & How to Restring My Racquet during Covid-19

If you need to restring your racquet during the Covid-19 shutdown, look no further!

Yes we are stringing rackets during Covid-19 and we are providing our racket services in a sanitary, clean way with your protection in mind!

If you are looking to knock some things off your to-do list during your stay-at-home time, take this opportunity to get your racquet ready, so you can hit the courts when your area allows you to do so!

Ship your racquet to us at Bell Racquet Sports for a 24 hour professional stringing by a Master Racquet Technician.  Upon receipt of your racquet, we will perform any necessary grip work while we wear a mask and gloves, then cover the grip with a removable, sterile sleeve to keep it clean while we perform any other racquet services that you request. Prior to shipping your racquet back to you, we will clean the frame with a gentle alcohol based cleanser to safely sanitize it to the best of our ability* without affecting your racket’s finish. We will then pack it in a NEW plastic bag that completely covers the entire racquet, including the handle and we will return ship it to you! All packing and handling of your racquet will be completed with a mask on.

*While we will do everything in our power to handle your racquet in a sanitary way and return it as “clean” as possible, we make no express guarantees that Covid-19 will not be on your racquet or box when you receive it from the delivery service.

We are performing the following racquet services during Covid-19:

Tennis Racquet Restring
Tennis Racquet Regrip
Tennis Bumper / Grommet Installation (with restring only)

Racquetball Racquet Restring
Racquetball Racquet Regrip
Racquetball Bumper / Grommet Installation (with restring only)

Squash Racquet Restring
Squash Racquet Regrip
Squash Bumper / Grommet Installation (with restring only)

Pickleball Paddle Regrip / Grip Size Customizations

POP Tennis Paddle Regrip / Grip Size Customizations

Platform Tennis Regrip / Grip Size Customizations

Please follow all guidelines set forth by your local government on when it is safe to resume your sport.

Read the guidelines from the USTA about ‘PLAYING TENNIS SAFELY’


Click for more information on how to get our racquet strung or serviced during Covid-19 shutdowns


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