Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball

The Penn 40 Pickleball is here!  After many months of design, development and testing, the Penn 40 Pickleball has been certified by the USAPA and launched to the marketplace. With a yellow outdoor ball launched first, followed by a Penn 40 Indoor Pickleball in red, these balls have been terrific sellers! Both varieties of Penn 40 are extremely visible against most court colors. With a terrific, consistent bounce and a well bonded seam, this ball was worth the wait! We are thrilled to roll this one out (pardon the punn).

Update as of 4/9/20:  Right out of the gate, this ball was a great seller. Our customers love both colors of the ball and the well made appearance with consistent hole placement and a smooth, clean seam.  Feedback over time has shown that for tournament level players, or just very hard hitters, the Penn balls get soft and break down faster than other brands.  We have also seen some with small chips or cracks on the edges of the holes.  So, for beginner to intermediate players, we still recommend this as a smart choice, but for hard hitters, you may want to choose another ball.

Notable features:

•enhanced durability
•increased visibility
•dynamic bounce

Available Colors:

Penn 40 Outdoor:  Optic Yellow
Penn 40 Indoor: Red


Written by Bell Racquet Sports Staff