Wilson GRUUV Paddles make an entrance for 2020 into the Wilson Steam family of paddles.  Gruuv refers to the revolutionary new “hole shape” and configuration in the center of the paddle for the most spin ever on a Wilson paddle!  These paddles have been approved by the APTA and are fully legal paddles for sanctioned tournament play.  Early feedback from play testers is that despite the smaller holes, the spin really is enhanced dramatically!

Wilson GRUUV Paddle Holes

Photo property of Bell Racquet Sports.  Shows Wilson Blade Lite GRUUV Limited Edition Pink/Black.

According to Wilson’s paddle designers, here’s what you can expect from the Wilson GRUUV Paddles:

Wilson GRUUV Paddle features:
  • You get more SPIN because the angled holes allow the ball to better grab the edges of the hole
  • You get more FEEL because in the middle of the paddle the ball now makes contact with more surface area
Wilson Gruuv paddles have been tremendous sellers since their launch in the fall of 2019, and include the:

Wilson Steam Lite GRUUV  (lightest & softest Steam, for max control)
Wilson Steam Smart GRUUV (middleweight Steam with mid density core for power & control)
Wilson Steam Pro GRUUV (heaviest Steam with firm density core for max power)
Wilson Blade Lite GRUUV (Limited Edition Black / Pink Colorway)
Wilson Ultra Lite GRUUV (Oversized, with a tiny 4″ grip size)

Yes, these are just like the 2019 Steam family in head shape, but with the new GRUUV holes!

Written by Bell Racquet Sports Staff