While some people use pickleball courts to exercise Fido, jump rope, skateboard or participate in yoga classes, there is actually another court sport that can be played on these courts! SPEC Tennis was created to give players seeking a faster paced, more tennis-like game a fun and physically challenging use for all those courts.  Recent stats show that 75% of pickleball players are age 55 and over,  so we know there is a huge audience for alternative, faster paced racquet and paddle sports to physically challenge younger or more athletic players.

In SPEC tennis, rather than immediately moving up toward the kitchen and playing the majority of the points from just behind the kitchen line, you’ll utilize the full court, opening up shot selection and strategies more like those in tennis. The kitchen is taken out of the equation and players can serve & volley, play from the baseline, or play aggressively from all court locations throughout the point resulting in longer points and more physical exertion by the players (great cardio workout!).

Both singles and doubles are commonly played in SPEC Tennis, making it easier to find players and get a game going.  It is also a great bridge into and out of the sport of tennis, or simply an alternative to keep things interesting and provide variety for tennis players.  Since Platform Tennis players typically play in the winter months, SPEC tennis offers an alternative game to play in the warmer months using the same paddles for a different game.

Grab your paddle, a depressurized tennis ball, head around the corner to your nearest pickleball court and give it a go!  Want more information?  Check out spectennis.com for information on the origin, rules, equipment and more.

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Written by Cate Bell