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Knowing Your Racket is Our Racquet!

Talk about experience! We’ve been in the racquet business since 1985, providing our valued customers with outstanding service and exceptional pricing. Our passion for racquet sports shows in our product knowledge, service and willingness to not only assist you with product selection, but to educate you during the racquet and accessory selection process.

We string and service thousands of racquets each year for everyone from the local club player to college teams, to top ranked professional players. Our tremendous customer base has helped create our strong purchasing power which results in price savings we happily pass along to our customers on racquets, shoes, bags and the works!

The Place to go for Anyone Serious About Racquet Sports

Based in Rochester, New York, we are one of the largest racquet specialty businesses in the United States. We stock thousands of racquets and all the shoes, bags and accessories any racquet-sport aficionado could ask for. With years of industry experience, Certified Master Racquet Technicians and a loyal customer base that spans the globe we are proud to be a go-to resource for players. Still, our greatest joy comes from seeing the look on new customers’ faces when they first walk through our door and get a glimpse of the selection we have to offer.

Whether you’re shopping from afar or right here in town, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to keeping you ‘In the Game’.