UPDATED MAY, 2019. The older versions of this racquet are officially gone and replaced by the current Bedlam 170 Lite. Launched in 2016, it continues forward as the “current” version.

We have a limited supply of the E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite ORIGINAL model from 2015.  There are so many players wielding this stick on the courts and many whom want to purchase another, but not the 2016 Bedlam 170 Lite with the bypass stringing system.

How do you know which Bedlam 170 Lite you play with?

The 2015 has a flat head.  The bumper has small bumps, but not a “raised hump” at 12 o’clock in the head.  The 2016 version of the Bedlam 170 Lite has a different bumper guard and stringing system for the “raised hump” in the head.  Both models of the racquet play great and are a tremendous value with many of the technologies in the highest-end E-Force racquets.  They are a great choice for the club player.  BUT, for those of you trying to match up the exact model of Bedlam 170 Lite you have to purchase another, we have plenty of helpful information listed with the racquets available for sale here.

Bedlam 170 Lite ORIGINAL 2015

Bedlam 170 Lite 2016

More questions?  Feel free to give us a shout, that’s what we’re here for and that’s why so many players make Bell Racquet Sports their number one choice for racquetball gear!

Written by Cate Bell