UPDATED MAY, 2019. Sorry to say, this paddle is officially unavailable. However, the Viking O-Zone Prodigy has replaced it as the softest of the mid-sized heads available from Viking and is their newest paddle geared toward maximum control with the most maneuverability.

We have a limited quantity of the O-Zone Ultra with Maxgrit in stock!  The Viking O-Zone Ultra was a carry over for the 2017 season and is designed for players seeking ultra-maneuverability.  This paddle features MaxGrit, a special very gritty surface treatment for a longer lasting grit surface.  A featherweight with a Viking’s softest core for arm comfort, ball control and shot making accuracy.  Players with a two-handed hold and players who like to choke up on the grip, holding it closer to the head enjoy this extra long grip that affords more room.  The lightest member of the O-Zone paddle family.  Now at a new lower price….limited stock remains.

Viking O-Zone Ultra with Maxgrit

Specifications of the Viking O-Zone Ultra

Weight:  12.2 oz. / 350 grams
Core Density:  Low (soft)
Length:  18”
Beam:  19 mm
Head Surface Size: 82 square inches
Grip Size: 4-1/4
  White / Blue / Black
Replaced by: 2018 O-Zone Prodigy

Don’t miss your chance at this tremendous value!  The new version sells for a premium, making this a value-seekers find!

Written by Cate Bell