While there isn’t new technology in the Viking Paddles for 2020, there is a really cool, new, hand-painted gradient cosmetic!

We love the color scheme of the 2020 Viking Paddles, including the names like Winterstealth for the dark blue paddles, Teal and a sweet Light Blue / Dark Blue gradient. The hand sprayed paint application leaves each paddle with a slightly unique look but all with an easy unisex appeal.  Gone is the lavender of 2019, and the black / fuschia  combos, welcoming in a current, contemporary look.

The grit on the 2020 Viking paddles is well-adhered to the paddle face and the Grit Guard (GG) area remains a welcome feature. We anticipate this being some of the longest lasting grit yet and know that customer’s will appreciate Viking’s attention in that regard.

The handles continue to feature the Viking DuraSoft+ wrap grip for a tacky, cushioned feel in the hand.  Keep in mind that with 4-1/4″ being the factory grip size, we offer a low cost, professional customization to increase the grip size to either 4-3/8″ or 4-1/2″. Many of our customers use our grip measurement guide provided beneath each paddle we sell on our site to double check what size they need.  Having us build it up for you means you don’t have to mess around with wrapping and unwrapping overgrips all season long!

Need a quick reminder on Viking’s core density offerings*?

Any Viking that says Prodigy features their softest foam core, for the most control / accuracy (less power).  Any Viking that says LITE in the name features the medium density core, for a blend of power and control. Any Viking that says PRO in the name features the firmest core material for the most power (less control).

*applies to 2019 and 2020 Viking paddles. Prior seasons may not adhere to this convention

If you have questions about our Viking paddle offerings, grip build-ups or anything else, give us a shout! 1-800-724-9439.

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