When it comes to regripping your racquet there is a definite thought process to go through to determine the racquetball grip that will be best for you.  Even once you narrow it down it may take a couple of different installs until you get the grip that feels best in the hand and performs best even once the hand starts perspiring.

Grips can be broken into two main varieties:

  • Slip on racquetball grips – one piece rubber tube style grips that slide over the handle with the use of glue or other lubricant.  Very good for durability.
  • Wrap style racquetball grip – typically made of a synthetic leather type material and wrapped around the grip of the racquet.  These grips tend to wear more quickly than slip-on grips.

The first consideration is whether or not you wear a glove when you play.  If you do, you can go with either a wrap style grip or a rubber grip.  If you do not wear a racquetball glove or are not willing to, we recommend you stick with a wrap style (non-rubber) grip.  Holding a rubber grip with a sweaty hand just doesn’t work.  The use of a racquetball glove however helps provide the tackiness needed to keep hold of a rubber grip.

If you’ve decided a wrap-style grip is the way to go the decision is fairly easy as grips vary mostly by finish.  They are either textured with some sort of tread pattern or non-textured for a flat, smooth feel.  Our best seller is a patterned grip for better hold called the Gamma Ultra-Cushioned Textured Grip.

If you’ve decided on a slip-on rubber grip, it comes down to both size (grip thickness) and texture / pattern.  Below are some key differentiators and racquetball grip reviews that will help you decide which racquetball grip to try:

  • Ektelon Original Grip – Our #1 selling rubber grip is a textured grip that is the thinnest rubber grip on the market for players who like to keep the smallest feel in the hand.  It includes a large flare at the base of the grip & our standard installation includes removal of the flare for a smooth curve of the grip around the bottom of the handle.  (If you want the flare kept on, just let us know)
  • Head Tacki-Mac IRT Pro Grip – firm thin rubber with a sandpaper-like gritty texture.  Above average durability has made this popular with some customers.
  • Head Tacki-Mac Serrated Grip – firm thin rubber with a subtle texture of zig zag patterned lines.  Above average durability and a nice feel in the hand.
  • Python Racquetball Grip – Color options.  A thicker grip with wavy textured grooves for a decent grip.  Customers dislike the “rings” around the bottom of the grip so in 99% of our Python installs we cut the rings off so the grip conforms to the racquet handle and better fits in the hand.

One other consideration is whether you are having your grip professionally installed or doing it yourself.  Wrap grips are much easier for the home installer.  There is definitely a learning curve with the installation of rubber grips but if you are somewhat handy you should be able to successfully install one.

More questions?   Read more about Maintaining your Racquetball Racquet.