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The Zensah Compression Knee Sleeve provides support to the knee while allowing a full range of motion. A no-slip silicone grip ensures the knee sleeve stays in place even during the toughest workouts. Far and away the most comfortable knee sleeve we’ve carried!

Sold individually, one per package.

  • Stays in Place: The Zensah Compression Knee Sleeve features a silicone grip inside the top band of the knee sleeve to prevent it from slipping or sliding. Whether using the knee sleeve for running or everyday wear, the Zensah Knee Sleeve will stay in place.
  • Moisture wicking and featuring anti-odor properties
  • Targeted Support with Full Range of Motion: By utilizing pin-point compression with raised ribbing, the Zensah Knee Sleeve provides targeted support to the patella and knee area. This helps to relieve knee pain and common injuries like runners knee. The Knee Sleeve also allows for a full range of motion and does not restrict movement.
  • Reduce Inflammation and Knee Pain Relief: Compression in each knee sleeve improves circulation for faster recovery and provides muscle stabilization. It also helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the knee area.
  • Ultimate Comfort and Performance: The Zensah Knee Sleeve is made in the USA of Zensah Fabric – meaning it is moisture wicking, anti-odor, breathable, and ultra-durable. It is also seamless so there are no irritating tags or seams to cause chaffing for discomfort.
  • Constructions: 75% Spandex, 25% Nylon

Color:  Black

Sizing:  Measure 4 inches above the knee for your size

Size SMALL 13-16.5″ / MEDIUM 16.5-19″ / LARGE 19-21.5″ / XLARGE 21.5-24″


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