Yonex EZONE Feel 2019

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The Yonex EZONE FEEL features a 102 square inch head size for a “just right” sweet spot for the improving player.  This lightweight racquet is a great choice for the club player, team player or junior moving up to their first adult frame.  You’ll find plenty of easy power with a crisp, lively feel. You’ll also find this to be a comfortable, sharp looking and stable tennis racquet.

Yonex designed the EZONE tennis racquets with their Isometric head shape. This shape provides an expanded sweet spot for a better feel, even on off center hits. With hyper-modulus-graphite incorporated in the racquet head and shaft and a new grommet system the EZONE also absorbs shock and vibration at impact.  This results in a better overall feel and return of energy to the ball where you want it!  Customers FEEL the difference with this grommet system and enjoy the resulting string bed deflection as the ball leaves the strings

Specifications of the Yonex EZONE Feel 2019 Tennis Racquet:

Head Size: 102 sq. inches
Length: 27”
Weight: 9.0 oz.(unstrung)
Balance: Head Heavy
String Pattern: 16×18
Optimal String Tension: 40-55 lbs.
Color:  White / Green / Black

This model includes a full, sack style Yonex racquet cover.


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