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The Xenon eVortex features an over sized head for easy connection with the ball and a revolutionary heated handle to keep your hands warm during play!  Genius!  Xenon’s patent pending Hot Hands technology gives you a battery operated heater built into the paddle’s handle that can warm the your grip up to 50 degrees above the outdoor temperature.  Don’t need it heated?  No problem! The on / off switch on the base of the handle lets you decide when you want to use it.  We are excited to be selling the first heated platform tennis paddle on the market.

At 365 grams, this light to mid-weight paddle swings with ease due to a head light balance. The weight of the heating system in the handle results in this handle-heavy, head-light balance.

The soft foam core featured in this, and all Xenon paddles aids in taking some pace off the ball’s deflection so the player can better control the ball trajectory. It also offers tremendous shock absorption for more comfort to the arm. The handle design and unique smooth, curved shape at the base of the head allow players to easily choke up or get two hands on the grip if desired.  Xenon paddles are engineered in the USA.

Details of the Xenon eVortex Heated Handle (Hot Hands)

-Includes a micro USB charging cable & instruction sheet
-Tiny light on the base of the handle blinks green to indicate paddle is charging, goes solid once fully charged
-On-Off switch allows player to choose when to activate the heater
-Indicator light on the base of the handle glows red when the heater is switched on
-Handle heats to 50 degrees above the outside air temperature
-Expect five hours for to achieve full paddle charge from empty
-Rechargeable battery lasts two hours

Specifications of the Xenon eVortex:

Weight:  12.88 oz. / 365 grams
Balance: Head Light
Core Density:  Low (Soft)
Head Surface Size: 92 square inches
Hole Count:  87
Hole Size: 3/8 inch
Grip Size: 4-1/4 inch (Sorry, we can not offer our grip build up options on this model due to the heating technology in the handle.)
Other Technology: Patent pending Hot Hands technology heats the handle for up to two hours of warmth
Color:  Black / Orange
No cover 


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*See ship options at checkout. Within the continental U.S. only.  If you are combining other items with this item this offer may not apply.  Our FREE 2 Day Shipping is NOT guaranteed and may take 3 days to some U.S. locations.  If you must have the item on a certain date, we offer Overnight, UPS 2 Day and UPS 3 Day Select which are guaranteed methods.

2 reviews for Xenon eVortex (Heated Handle) w/FREE 2 Day Delivery

  1. BRS Staff

    Staff Review of the Handle Heating Process: I connected the USB cable to my laptop and the small green light on the base of the handle began flashing indicating that it was charging. After about 15 minutes, I was curious, so I unplugged it and hit the power button to turn it on. The indicator light turned red showing the power was activated. Within a minute I could feel slight warmth. After about three minutes significantly warmer. The cushioned grip feels great in the hand. Functionality and design seems very well thought out. We love the idea and think it’s going to have broad appeal!

  2. Albert J

    Never thought i’d be wishing for cold conditions but I am so jacked to use this thing! Charged and warmed just as stated when I tested it. Great service, was shipped within 2 hours of ordering and got it super fast. Thanks for that. Highly recommend Bell’s for their great customer service and fast shipping.

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