Wilson Tru 32 OUTDOOR Pickleball, Optic Yellow



The Wilson Tru 32 pickleball sets a new standard for true pickleball performance thanks to two defining characteristics: hole pattern and composition. Featuring a patented 32-hole design with even distribution, this ball rotates evenly on any axis for superior flight and bounce consistency. To mitigate the limited durability of injection-molded balls, TRU32 comprises an innovative proprietary formula that impressively extends the court life of the ball. Made in the USA and approved by the USAPA for competitive play, TRU32 introduces new possibilities to injection-molded pickleball performance.

The most defining feature for TRU32 is its patented 32-Equally Spaced Hole Pattern. Compared to the 40-hole industry standard for outdoor pickleballs, this 32-hole pattern possesses a couple of key factors in its favor: bounce and flight consistency. Fewer holes that are evenly spaced will generally provide more consistent bounce off the ground and the paddle surface. Thanks to the even hole distribution throughout the ball surface, the TRU 32 ball can also rotate on any axis with more consistency than any existing 40-hole patterns out there. This creates more consistent flight with less wobble through the air. See below video showcasing the compelling difference between flight characteristics of the 32-hole pattern of TRU 32 against two competitor 40-hole balls using a flight simulator.

Specifications of the Wilson Tru 32 Pickleball:

Patented 32-hole injection-molded pickleball
Consistent hole distribution pattern delivers unparalleled flight and bounce consistency
Unique composition amplifies durability
Rough and ready finish for excellent feel
Neon chartreuse color for easy tracking
Approved by USAPA for competitive play
Ideal for play on outdoor courts
Made in USA

USAPA Tournament Approved:  Yes
Color:  Yellow
Use:   Outdoor
Sold individually


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