Wilson String In Vibration Dampener

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The Wilson String In Vibration Dampener is a smartly designed racquetball string dampener for those who are tired of losing their dampener when it pops out during play.  This one is installed when you get your racquet strung and is actually strung into the string bed down toward the throat of your racquet.  It can slide up and down on your strings, but won’t fall out!  **See notes below – order only if you know this fits in your racquet model**

Features of the Wilson String In Vibration Dampener:

Sold individually
May be packaged or bulk/loose pack
Color: Black
**Must be installed at time of a racquet stringing** Can not be “plugged into” strings after racquet is already strung.

Note:  fits (some) traditional “straight” racquetball string patterns.  May NOT fit all racquets as string spacing varies from model to model.  We only recommend ordering this item if you have used it on your racquet in the past so that you know it will work for you!


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