Wilson K Blade w/Killer Grit – BRS Exclusive

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SOLD OUT – May we recommend the Xcel Smart 2017 or the Surge BLX (the Blade’s slightly lighter, medium density counterpart).

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SOLD OUT – May we recommend the Xcel Smart or the  Surge BLX (the Blade’s slightly lighter, medium density counterparts that were released after the “K” series).

We are such huge fans of the Wilson K Blade paddle from the past, that we have brought it back in a new and improved version as a Bell Racquet Sports Exclusive offering.  Originally retailing for $129, our K Blade with Killer Grit is a tremendous value and is the most comfortable, stable and accurate Wilson Blade paddle.   Wilson took the super popular nBlade and added [K]arophite which is a natural element to improve the paddle’s feel and accuracy.

Our exclusive Wilson K Blade paddle offers the same gnarly ”Killer Grit” as the rest of the current Wilson paddle lineup and its ”Smart Density” core provides a blend of both power and control. Like the K Surge, only heavier, this paddle sits at the heavy end of the weight spectrum.  And like the nBlade, only more comfortable, it is favored by intermediate to advanced players seeking comfort, stability, solid feel and maximum power through mass behind the ball at impact.

  • Nanofoam fills the voids in the foam molecules of the paddle’s core providing a more stable hit all around.
  • Smart Density utilizes two distinct EVA Foam densities in one paddle. According to Wilson, ”Smart Density” occurs when the paddle responds to the speed of the hit on the paddle face. This means, If you hit the ball softly, the outer core material will provide a more controlled response and when you hit the ball with more force, the inner, firmer core material comes into play providing more power. Smart indeed.
  • Also features: [K]arophite Black – improved Smart Density technology using [K]ore Foam. Killer Grit. Sharp Hole technology.

13.9 oz. / 395 grams
Core Density:  Smart Density (both firmer and softer layers)
Head Size:  84 sq. in. (standard)
Grip Sizes Available:
4-1/4″ (4-1/2″ is sold out)
Color: White / Gold / Black
Other: Killer Grit, Smart Density, Sharp Hole Technology
Replaces:  the nBlade
No Cover

Don’t know what grip size you need?  Click here to learn how to measure your proper paddle grip size.

1 review for Wilson K Blade w/Killer Grit – BRS Exclusive

  1. New Wilson Fan (verified owner)

    This paddle is robust. It’s on the heavy side but the balance/feel is good. Delivers a very solid punch. Power shots come easy with this paddle, and though the multi-density foam technology is supposed to enable softer control shots with slower swing speeds, the paddle tends to play on the dense side. Blocking shots at the net are trickier than with my old Viking Re-Ignite. I could easily drop any cannonball coming at me with the Viking, but with this one, my drop volley rebounds a bit too hard for my tastes. But I can learn to adjust. For under $100, I would happily recommend this paddle, as I paid like $150 for the Re-Ignite a few years ago. Prior to that, I played on a Viking Oz. This paddle plays more like the Oz than the Re-Ignite. I’ve never been a Wilson person before but I tried it out because it sounded like a good deal and I had borrowed a friend’s n-Blade before. I like how this paddle feels connecting with the ball on a full swing. This paddle feels bulletproof.

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