Wilson Blade Smart Paddle 2018

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  • A lightweight adhesive tape that protects your paddle's head from chips & scrapes.
  • See below for a link to learn more about proper grip size. Our grip build up is a "same day" process and will not delay the shipping of your order.
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For the 2018 season, Wilson introduces the Blade family of paddles with a smaller 80 square inch head size for more maneuverability.  The three new models include a Blade Lite, Blade Smart and Blade Pro, all geared toward more competitive players who favor lower swing weights (less head weight) allowing faster paddle positioning and more aggressive play.  Wilson’s new “Large Hole” Technology in this line increases the size of the holes in the paddle head to further decrease head weight and drag while increasing access to ball spin.

The Wilson Blade Smart Paddle is geared toward players seeking a maneuverable, mid weight paddle with a blend of both power and control.  This is accomplished via Wilson’s patented Smart Density core material that provides just the amount of power needed based on the speed at which the ball impacts the paddle.  A softer shot gives you more control due to the low density foam closer to the surface and a harder, faster swing results in more power as the ball reacts off of the higher density core material toward the inside of the paddle head.


Details of the Wilson Blade Smart Paddle

No Cover.
Weight: 13 oz. / 370 grams
Core Density:  Smart (Medium)
Head Size:  80 sq. in. (mid)
Killer Grit with ”No Grit Zone”
Other Technologies:  Large Hole TechnologyTM, Basalt, Cutting Edge, Sharp Hole, Bottle opener in handle
Grip Sizes Available:  4-1/4 inch only
Grip Material:  Cushion Aire Perforated
Color:  Black / Blue

Don’t know what grip size you need?  Click here to learn how to measure your proper paddle grip size.

BRS Exclusive Upgrade Offer:  FREE Paddle Saver tape installed on your paddle prior to shipping.  An adhesive tape that protects your paddle’s head from chips and scrapes.


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