Vulcan V320 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle


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The Vulcan V320 Hybrid pickleball paddle produces a blend of power and control, with a polypropylene core and fiberglass surface, giving it a softer feel. Players appreciate the modern face, with sleek 10 mm polypropylene, honeycomb core and durable surface materials as well as the tacky Vulcan Max Control Grip in a comfortable 4-1/8” handle circumference.

Features of the Vulcan V320 Pickleball Paddle:

Skill Level: beginner to intermediate
Paddle length:
Paddle width:
Weight:  7.8 ounces
Grip Size:  4-1/8”
Construction: Polymer core / Fiberglass face
Grip Material: Vulcan Max Control
Use: Indoor & Outdoor
Made in: USA
Colors:  Deep Waters (Black / Blue) or Pink Wave (Black / Pink)


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