Viking Zombie Junior GG Paddle 2019


“Kid-Friendly” to get children into the game!


A paddle designed specifically for players three to six years of age.  The Viking Zombie Junior GG 2019 paddle for children is designed to be lightweight and fun to play with to get little kids into the game. Its soft core helps provide maximum ball control for young ones as they develop their shot-making technique.  Maneuverability is enhanced by its shorter overall length and thinner head thickness.  At 16” long, the Viking Zombie Junior paddle is two inches shorter than an adult paddle and is best suited to children up to age 6.  (For ages 8 to 13, check out the Viking Smash.).  This 2019 version has the look of the 2017 version but features Grit Guard (GG), a smooth area at the base of the head to protect the player’s fingers from abrasions.

Features of the Viking Zombie Junior GG 2019:

Weight: 8.8 oz. / 250 grams
Core Density:  Low
Head Surface Size: 77 Sq. In.
Overall length:  16 in. (2” shorter than an adult paddle)
Beam (thickness): 17 mm
Grip Size: 4” (smaller than standard adult grips)
Color:  Black / Pink / Blue
Replaces: The Zombie Jr. 2017 (similar coloring)
Key difference: Grit Guard

Don’t forget protective eyeguards for your Junior player!  


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