Viking O-Zone Pro GG 2019 w/FREE 2 DAY DLVY

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  • See link below to learn how to find your proper grip size. Our grip build up is a "same day" process and will not delay the shipping of your order.
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The Viking O-Zone PRO GG Platform Tennis paddle is a paddle designed with average to higher level players in mind and it now features Grit Guard (GG) to protect your hands if they make contact with the face of the paddle above the grip. This is the heaviest O-Zone in the 2019 lineup.  With its MID+ (Viking’s firmest) density core, this paddle provides maximum power due to faster ball deflection off the paddle’s face.  Additionally, this paddle features the O-Zone families’ extra long grip which is great for two-handed play or for those who like to choke up on the paddle a bit.  Gritty, maneuverable, firm and ready to revolutionize your game! DESCRIPTIVE CONTENT IS PROPERTY OF BELL RACQUET SPORTS.


Weight:  13.2 oz. / 375 grams
Core Density:  Mid+ (Viking’s firmest)
Length:  18 inch
Beam:  19 mm
Head Surface Size: 82 square inches
Grip Size: 4-1/4 inch
Color:  options shown; note that the black/pink is a limited edition color
Replaces:  2015 O-Zone and prior years’ O-Zone Pro models
Key differences:  Firmer core density and GG (Grit Guard) above the handle protects hands from grit

Not sure what grip size you really need?

Grip Size:  We know that for many of you, a 4-1/4” grip is just too small.  Therefore, we offer you a professional grip buildup option so that you can avoid messing around with layers of overgrips to enlarge the handle size.  No, it will not delay the shipping of your paddle.  Don’t know what grip size you need?  Click here to learn how to measure your proper paddle grip size.

This racquet is eligible for FREE 2 Day Shipping*.

*See ship options at checkout. Within the continental U.S. only.  If you are combining other items with this item this offer may not apply.  Our FREE 2 Day Shipping is NOT guaranteed and may take 3 days to some U.S. locations.  If you must have the item on a certain date, we offer Overnight, UPS 2 Day and UPS 3 Day Select which are guaranteed methods.

Understanding the difference between O-ZONE paddle models

All of the O-Zones have a mid head size (smaller). They all have the tapered throat so that you can more easily choke up on the handle if desired. They vary by weight and density of the core.

O-Zone Pro – (mid+) highest density core, heaviest of the O-Zones <max power>
O-Zone Lite – medium density, medium weight <blend of power & control>
O-Zone Prodigy – low density (softest) core and lightest weight O-Zone <max control/accuracy>


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