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The Viking Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls are Viking’s most durable and best performing Platform Tennis Balls.  This is new stock of the Viking Extra Duty Platform ball approved for league and tournament play and gets you the most play for your money.

Yellow EXTRA DUTY Viking Platform Tennis Balls.
Each sleeve contains 3 balls.
A Case contains 24 Sleeves (72 balls)

-Buy more, save more by purchasing a case of balls (and get FREE Shipping on your entire order)
-Stored free of extreme temperature fluctuations, these balls will last multiple seasons.  Since they are non-pressurized they do not go bad.

Note: Beware of the older Viking Platform Tennis Balls on the market selling for $12-$13 per sleeve.  You can identify them by the older packaging WITHOUT the YELLOW burst graphic on the package that says ”Extra Duty”.  These are faulty balls from seasons past and are the reason Viking formulated the Extra Duty ball.


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