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Ultra Ankle Brace Replacement Straps fit various Ultra Ankle Braces and are offered in two sizes. If your main strap on your Ultra Ankle Brace is worn, lost, or just doesn’t stick in place any longer, you can purchase just the strap here!

How to find out which size Ultra Ankle Replacement Strap you need:

Find your medial ankle bone. It’s the one you can feel protruding from the inside of your ankle. Then, measure the circumference of your lower leg from a point two inches above your medial ankle bone. If the circumference you measured is 11 inches or greater, you’ll want the X-Long Upper Activity Strap for a better fit and greater comfort when you wear your brace. If you measure under 11 inches, the Regular sized Upper Activity Strap should fit your brace.

Small/Medium Ultra Zoom & Ultra CTS braces and all Ultra High-5 braces are originally sold with a REGULAR LENGTH activity strap. Only Large/X-Large Ultra Zoom and Ultra CTS braces are sold with an X-Long activity strap.

Ultra Ankle Replacement Strap Sizes Offered:

Regular:  Measures 10.5 inches long
X-Long: Measures 12.5 inches long

Ultra Ankle Strap Color:



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