Tourna Tac Rag, Tacky Rag for Grip



The Tourna Tac Rag is a favorite of tennis, pickleball and racquetball players who need added grip for perspiring hands.  This non-messy rag is coated with with bee’s wax and can be applied to either your hands or racquet grip or both. The tackified towel delivers a safe, non toxic layer of moisture repellant.  The more you rub on, the tackier it feels.  The Tac Rag is non-staining and dissipates so it doesn’t leave a lingering sticky feel to your hands once you’re done playing.

Features of the Tourna Tac Rag:

Safe to use, non-toxic bee’s wax
Re-usable, store in the zip lock package it comes in
Use until it turns gray, then throw it away
One per package
Color:  White


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