Tecnifibre Wallmaster 365 POP Tennis Paddle 2019

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The Tecnifibre Wallmaster 365 Paddle is a new option in a slightly heavier weight racket for POP tennis or Padel that has been designed for more power and pace when you want to drive the ball deeper.  This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.

The Tecnifibre Wallmaster 365 Pop Tennis Paddle features a round shaped frame offers a centralized impact zone for more precision. Its clean cut holes provide tremendous grab on the ball, while the smooth face prolongs contact with the ball.  The firmer EVA core used in this paddle absorbs less of the ball’s energy for added rebound off the face, giving additional power at a higher speed. (think less cushy and dampened, but more powerful, firmer in feel, and more stable.)


Features of the Tecnifibre Wallmaster 365 Paddle:

No Cover.
Includes a wrist tether installed into the handle.
 365 grams +/- 5g
Balance:  265 mm +/- 10mm
Beam:  38 mm thick
Length: 17.9 inches
Hole Count: 68
Face Surface:  Smooth (no texture or grit)
Grip Sizes Available:
4-1/4 inch
Color:  Black / White / Blue / Green (Matte finish)
Other: Graphite reinforced fibers

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