Racquetball 10 Grip Grab Bag


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BONUS BUY at only $1.00 per grip! A great value option for the player who changes grips often.

10 bulk, unpackaged wrap-on style racquetball grips that fit SS (Super Small) grip sized racquetball racquets.
These are BRAND NEW grips that have been removed from BRAND NEW racquets that our customer’s have had custom gripped. They are unpackaged and do not include any trim tape.

-10 per bag
-Surface: Mixed variety, may be flat, may have tread pattern. Mixed Brands & Mixed Styles & Mixed Colors
-Color: Black, Gray or White mixed bag

NOTE: we highly recommend using double sided tape on the handle before applying these grips. Some have very tacky backs, but others may not have all of the original sticky backing intact. They do NOT ship with double sided tape.

NOTE: If you use the LARGER racquetball grip size, or have an older racquet with a large circumference handle, these will come up short on the handle when wrapped. We can not guarantee that they will fit your racquet.

This item is non-returnable.


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