Python Rubber Racquetball Grip

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The Python Rubber Racquetball Grip is a tacky, one-piece rubber grip with a fairly aggressive pattern for traction. The thickest rubber grip on the market, this one adds significant size to your grip, so only use it if you like a larger feel in the hand.

Features of the Python Rubber Racquetball Grip:

Type: Slip-on grip
Surface: A curved-line tread pattern throughout
Installation:  most difficult…stiffest rubber compound of all the rubber grips.  Pre-stretch and use plenty of lubricant.
Other: No warranty (even if it splits during home installation, nor do we warranty this grip for early wear of tread pattern)

This grip has ”rings” at the base of the grip that are supposed to help you keep a better grip on the racquet. However, the rings add significant size to the butt of the racquet, so our standard installation involves removal of the rings to maintain a smooth, even feel in your hand. If you are having us install this grip for you and you WANT the rings to REMAIN, please phone your order in to us so that we can make this modification.

2 reviews for Python Rubber Racquetball Grip

  1. FreddyKrup

    slippery without a glove. With a glove it’s okay. Ended up with thumb wear spot early on but rest of grip looks good.

  2. SupSup

    Decent grip but cut the ribs off the bottom like Bell’s does when they put it on otherwise they dig into your hand if you hold low

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