Pro Penn Pink Racquetballs – 12 Can Pack


12 Cans for a total of 36 balls

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The Pro Penn pink racquetball is now available in a mini case for your convenience and cost savings.  The Pro Penn pink racquetball is Penn’s newest introduction and brings eye-popping visibility to both indoor and outdoor courts. This ball is fast, crisp, and durable and has been getting rave reviews since its debut. In fact, it was recently named as the Official Ball of the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour and is the preferred ball for World #1 Paola Longoria! This item includes 12 cans with 3 balls per can. SAVE BY BUYING A CASE!


Penn states that their balls follow this sequence, LIVELIEST TO LEAST LIVELY…
Penn Ballistic (Red), Pro Penn Pink, Penn High Definition (Purple), Pro Penn Green, Penn Ultra Blue


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