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  • We have only ONE of each unless we say otherwise. The number in parenthesis represents paddle condition rating from 1-10, with 10 being like new (perfect) or with only a tiny visible flaw (that often times our customers can not even see!) Grip styles (particular wraps) can not be guaranteed and stock is mixed. Used paddles carry no manufacturer warranty and are not eligible for return or exchange. Flat rate ground shipping is $8.95. Shipping is FREE if your entire order is over $99.00.
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Our Pickleball Paddle Demos for Sale include paddles that we have had in our store as loaners, as well as gently used paddles.   Some have been hit with once, some many times. We only sell paddles that are in  excellent condition or better.  Some are brand new with just a minor cosmetic blemish. Buying a used pickleball paddle is a great way to try the sport without a large investment or to pick up an extra for your bag.

Information about buying Pickleball Paddle Demos For Sale:

We use a 1-10 rating scale, with 10 being LOOKS NEW and 1 being LOOKS VERY USED. However, we do not sell used racquets in condition rated worse than 7 on our rating system. Our rating takes into consideration the grip, the bumper guard and the face of the paddle.  Your purchase  of the paddle indicates your acceptance of the condition rating shown.
You can find the condition rating is in (parenthesis) at the end of the description line.

Demos do not have covers, nor include any bag or case.

Factory size, unmodified, unless otherwise noted. Stock may be mixed between paddle models and we can not guarantee a particular grip style or size.

These paddles are “final sale” and are sold with no manufacturer’s warranty, are non-returnable and not eligible for exchange. \

Our ground shipping rate is a flat rate of $8.95, or FREE if your order is over $99.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-724-9439 to discuss the condition of a particular paddle if you’d like additional details.

4 reviews for Pickleball Paddle Demos / Gently Used Paddles For Sale

  1. Fran M.

    My husband and I weren’t familiar with this Paddletek Tempest 5.0 paddle but the weight sounded good and the price was right. We are so happy with our purchase and saw only a faint lighter paint spot on one side of one paddle, and on the other couldn’t find any flaw. We received the paddles two days after ordering.

  2. Lisa J.

    Extremely happy with my LIKE NEW pickleball paddle which was in even better condition than what I was expecting! Very prompt shipping and I save a ton of money buying it this way. Would recommend if you see a model that you are looking for.

  3. Carlos J.

    Ordered a 9 rated pickleball paddle and other than a few tiny scuff marks, the bumper was like new and the grip too. Very happy with the deal I got on it and have recommended to my pals. Arrived in 2 days and has been playing fine.

  4. J Murray

    Got my demo today, thanks for the quick delivery. It was rated (10) and I couldn’t find a flaw on it. I think it was a factory second but not that I could see at all. Highly recommend this way of buying from Bell’s to save money!

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