Penn QST 60 Orange / Yellow Tennis Ball, Dozen



The Penn QST 60 is a low compression tennis ball that moves at a reduced speed compared to traditional tennis balls. This ball is useful for teaching and training. The QST 60 features a bi-colored optic orange / yellow felt for high visibility.  Compared to the Penn Green Dot ball which feels more like a traditional tennis ball in the hand, this ball is ever-so-slightly smaller in circumference, lighter in weight, and softer in feel (the lowest compression ball we carry). 

Details of the Penn QST 60 Orange / Yellow Tennis Ball

Color: Orange / Yellow
Low Compression

Uses for the Penn QST 60 Orange / Yellow Tennis Ball

POP Tennis Ball
Paddle Tennis Ball
Beach Tennis Ball
Spec Tennis Ball
Junior Tennis / Tennis Lessons for players under 10 years old

Insider tips on the Penn QST 60 Balls:

-Since they are not pressurized to begin with, you can store out in the open and use until the felt becomes worn.
-A very squeezeable, soft and lightweight tennis ball that flies with ease and feels soft at impact
-Used for tennis, this can be a terrific teaching ball before moving your junior to traditional pressurized tennis balls.  Start them on the large foam “10 and under balls”, move to this ball, then the Control Plus Green Dot, then proceed to traditional tennis balls.

Compression test for a POP tennis ball:

If you don’t want to buy the correct ball and you’d prefer to modify a standard tennis ball, you can depressurize a traditional tennis ball by inserting a needle into it, removing it and thus creating a “depressurized” tennis ball. Use this simple compression test recommended by the International POP Tennis Association:  When the ball is dropped from a height of 6 feet, the bounce should not be less than 31 inches or more than 33 inches.


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