Penn Pressureless Balls, Bag of 12



Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls are slow to lose their bounce and are perfect for recreational tennis and filling ball machines.  They are popular for a variety of paddle sports as well including Beach Tennis and sometimes Paddle Tennis.  Because they are not pressurized to begin with, you can store them out in the open and use them until the felt wears. Pressureless tennis balls are the size of a standard tennis ball, but with a foam core as opposed to a pressurized air core.  They approximate the weight and behavior of a standard pressurized tennis ball and are designed for players who prefer to re-use balls rather than buy and crack open a fresh can for each time on the courts.

Note:  NOT used for “platform tennis” commonly played in the Northeast & Midwest U.S.  Typically NOT used for POP tennis (see our Penn Control + Green Dot ball for that).  Also NOT used for pickleball.  Keep in mind that there are many players using whatever ball they choose for many versions of paddle sports across the globe.  If you want to try them for your play, go right ahead!  We’re pretty sure the racket-sport-police won’t chase you down!

Details of the Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls

Sport: Tennis, Beach Tennis, Paddle Tennis
Type:  Pressureless
Case/Units: 12 per bag
Ball Color: Yellow
Lettering: Black
Other: Reusable mesh bag with a sliding closure


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