Penn Control Plus Green Dot POP Tennis Ball, 6-pack



The PENN Control Plus Green Dot Ball offers a 25% reduced speed compared to traditional tennis balls. Designed for full court or half court play for POP tennis and tennis, these balls feature a high visibility felt with a green dot to quickly identify them on the court. The Penn Green Dot Ball offers greater control for longer rallies.  Sold in a bag of 6 balls.

Insider tips on the Penn Green Dot Balls:

-Since they are not pressurized to begin with, you can store out in the open and use until the felt becomes worn.
-Used for tennis, this can be a terrific teaching ball before moving your junior to traditional pressurized tennis balls.  Start them on the large foam “10 and under balls”, move to this Control Plus Green Dot, then proceed to traditional tennis balls.

Recommended Use of the Penn Green Dot Balls:
  • Recommended for Tennis lessons for children ages 11+
  • Official POP Tennis Ball for players in the U.S. and worldwide
The Penn Green Dot ball is the ball for POP Tennis

The International POP Tennis Association has selected the Penn Green Dot ball as the official POP tennis ball because its internal pressure is set at the correct compression rate of a standard tennis ball (25% compression). If a standard tennis ball is used, it should be punctured to reduce its internal pressure.

Compression test for a POP tennis ball:

If you don’t want to buy the correct ball and you’d prefer to modify a standard tennis ball, use this simple compression test recommended by the International POP Tennis Association.  When the ball is dropped from a height of 6 feet, the bounce should not be less than 31 inches or more than 33 inches. You can depressurize a traditional tennis ball by inserting a needle into it and put it to this test.


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