Mizuno Team Elite Crossover Backpack, Black

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The Mizuno Team Elite Crossover Backpack is a versatile backpack that can easily transition from sport-to-sport. Side sleeves can be used to store a can of balls or as a water bottle pouch. A bottom Ventilated Footwear Storage Compartment separates your shoes to provide protection and aeration to allow them to dry. The spacious interior is complimented by an attached mesh bag with a Mizuno Branded Carabineer that can fit a volleyball to further maximize your storage space. Additionally, a front panel was designed for easy embroidery to add personalization or a team logo. Mizuno Aerostraps and a padded back provide comfort while carrying your gear.

Features of the Mizuno Team Elite Crossover Backpack:

Mizuno Aerostraps: For maximum comfort carrying all of your gear.
Padded Back: For optimum comfort.
Ventilated Footwear Storage Compartment: Conveniently separates shoes from rest of bag to protect your shoes.
Large Area for Embroidery: Easily add personalization or your team’s logo.
Auxiliary Loops: Strategically placed to hang water bottle or other items for storage.
Organization compartment
Attached Mesh Bag with Mizuno Branded Caribeener: Easily store a volleyball or other gear outside of bag to maximize storage space
Quick grab handles for easy pickup
Heavy duty hanging hook to hang on a coat hook or court fence during play

Dimensions: H 18” x W 13” x D 6.5”


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