Level8 Men’s Cold Weather Run Gloves, Reflective

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Level8 makes gloves in a variety of weights, and all the styles we stock feature a no-slip gripThis one is a lightweight, liner style glove that provides a light layer of wind-blocking warmth.  Plenty of stretch and grip assistance from silicone pattern on fingers and palm.  An easy-fitting glove that has a comfortable cuff to block the wind.  A reflective strip adds functionality for those who want to wear it for walking, running and other outdoor pursuits!


Grip Dots: Silicone grip dots for anti-slip
Touch Tip for electronic devices
A pair of gloves
Color:  Black
Sizing:  Men’s
Sizing Comment:  Stretchy, hand-conforming gloves


M/L for average to large men’s hand size
L/XL for men with larger hands


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