HEAD Velocity MLT String Reel


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HEAD Velocity MLT for tennis, racquetball or squash offers tremendous power and comfort for those seeking a high performance string option to make their racquet perform at its best! This control and power oriented string offers above average spin when compared to similar multifilament options. With highly flexible core that consists of 1,000 filaments this very arm friendly string offers above average shock absorption. The outer wrap is constructed of of a unique low-friction coating that boosts spin and also aids the durability of the string.

Specifications of Head Velocity MLT String:

Gauge: 16g (1.30mm) or 17g (1.25mm)

Length: 660 linear foot reel

Composition: Multifilament core with approx. 1,000 filaments and an out wrap of 30 filaments bonded together with a flexible, low-friction PU resin

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