Head Shock Stop Butt Cap, Original Replacement Part for Tennis


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Head Shock Stop Butt Cap, Original Replacement Part.  Cracked Head Shock Stop Butt Cap on your HEAD Tennis Racquet?  This is a common problem that can be easily remedied by replacing the original butt cap with the enclosed shock stop.  This is a factory original shock stop butt cap from HEAD.  Common on HEAD’s number one selling racquet over the years, the Ti.S6 and other Ti.S and other models.  Limited Stock.

Features of the HEAD Shock Stop Butt Cap

Color: Clear
Sizes:  As shown.  Is specific to the racquet grip size, so check the size on the one you are replacing and order the same.

The Process:

-Remove the grip wrapped on your HEAD Tennis Racquet Handle to expose the base handle
-Remove staples from the cracked butt cap & discard it (it is not repairable)
-Install new butt cap, CAREFULLY attaching to avoid stapling into the Shock Stop Area!
-Re-install grip per instructions on grip package (just as with any other grip / racquet)

NOTE: No Warranty on this item.  Most issues come from improper installation or wearing out from day-to-day use.


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