Head HydroSorb Pro Pickleball Grip


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HEAD Hydrosorb Pro Pickleball Grip. A relatively thin, non-textured grip for perfect feel of the paddle. It has an extra tacky, elastomer surface and a high elasticity microporous PU construction to help it go on flat and smooth. This replacement grip is ideal for those who want a tacky grip with great feel.

What is a Pickleball Replacement Grip?

A replacement grip (like this) is meant to replace your original base grip. Remove and discard the original grip from your paddle’s handle and wrap this in its place to give you that fresh feel of your original paddle when you purchased it!  Remember that your paddle’s grip is a “wear item” that must be regularly replaced in order to keep ahold of your paddle. Just think of all the wear it takes during play, getting wet and dry and rubbed with friction during play.  If you are having a hard time holding your pickleball paddle and it is slipping in your hand, you can bet you are ready for a new grip!

Details of the HEAD Hydrosorb Pro Pickleball Grip:

One per package.

Colors available are shown in the drop down menu.


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