Head Extreme Edge 2018 w/Innegra

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HEAD Extreme Edge 2018 w/Innegra.  At 175 grams, this middleweight for 2018 now features Innegra Technology for tremendous control and feel.  Packed with many of the same high-end features of the rest of the lineup but at a price for every player!  You’ll love the crisp and clean cosmetics that give it a fresh new look.  Take it with the factory stringing, or have it restrung with a more open pattern for added action on the ball.  FREE Installation of any rubber grip (with grip purchase).  Available from HEAD only in the smallest/SS /3-5/8″ grip size.

Features of the HEAD Extreme Edge:

Weight: 175g (unstrung)
Head Size: 107 sq. inches
Length: 22 in.
String Tension: 12×16 Pattern:  38-44 lbs. / 16×16 Pattern: 32-38 lbs.
Frame Color:   White/Red/Blue/Silver
String Pattern:  16×16 (factory) or 12×16
Factory Dampener:  Head Megasorb (included, even if we add a ”Bell Band”)
Grip:  Hydrosorb wrap, black
Factory String: Head Megablast 16g
No cover.


BELL RACQUET CUSTOMIZER…Supercharge your racquet for FREE!

What is it?
Since you are buying a ‘high end’ racquet, you’ve been selected to receive our Professional Customizations to your racquet prior to shipping. It will still ship the same or next business day.

How Does it Work?
Select the options you want above, submit your order and leave the rest to us!

Need Explanations of the Choices Available?
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Custom Restring

Take it with the factory stringing, or have it restrung with a more open pattern for added action on the ball.

Whether you’d like to keep the factory string pattern and have us restring to your desired tension, or you’d like to have your racquet restrung using the more open string pattern at your desired tension, our Master Racquet Technicians will customize your racquet to meet your needs.  No delay!  And yes, we can nearly always still ship your racquet the same day.

Tips on string selection:
Remember that changing to the more open string pattern (12×16) means less string durability.  For this reason, you may want to choose a 16 gauge string with this string pattern for longer string life.

Changing to the 12×16 string pattern requires that we cut out the factory strings and restring the racquet this way using the provided adaptors.  You MUST CHOOSE the corresponding string and tension so that we know how to string your racquet.  Pricing depends on the string chosen.

Tips on tension selection:
The recommended string tension for this frame varies depending on the string pattern you select:  The 16/16 string pattern has a recommended range of 32-38 lbs. (35=Mid), while the 12/16 string pattern has a range of 38-44 lbs. (41=Mid).  As always, tighter for more control, looser for more power, or middle for a blend of both.


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