Grip Dot Platform Tennis / Paddle Tennis Gloves, For Men


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These all-weather, soft, knit gloves are non-insulated, stretchy gloves that conform perfectly to your hand for a non-bulky hold on your paddle’s handle and a tremendous no-slip grip.  A mid weight that offers a surprising amount of warmth.  Made of stretchy, body hugging fabric with ”Control Dot” palms for great grip on the paddle and a great choice in a non-bulky glove so you can still feel your paddle in your hand. These also feature 360 degree touch capabilities, meaning that the entire glove has touch screen capabilities, not just the thumb and a finger!  We love the thick ribbing at the cuff for wind-blockage and comfort. Great driving, golf or fall pickleball gloves too!


Fabrication:  Acrylic with the addition of Pan Conductive Yarn (for the touch screen capabilities)
Grip Dots: Silicone grippy dots on palm for anti-slip
A pair of gloves
Color:  Black
Sizing:  Men’s
Sizing Comment:  Stretchy, hand-conforming gloves

FIT COMMENT:  These gloves stretch. We are happy to provide a bit of guidance on selecting your size below.

Medium – for teenagers, or a man with smaller hands (this may be too big for young teenagers, but suitable for older ones)
Large – for men with an “average” sized hand
Extra Large – for men with a larger hand, think tennis grip size 4-1/2″ or larger.


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