Gearbox GBX1 Grommet Set, Indoor – Clear


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The Gearbox GBX1 Grommet Set for Indoor Racquetball play replaces the top bumper guard and all grommets for the Gearbox GX1 racquetball racquet.  It has a lighter weight bumper for those who play indoor racquetball or if you’d like to pare some weight off your racquet’s head, this is the bumper to do that!  Make your racquet more head light by replacing your “outdoor”, “full” bumper with this lighter weight one on your next restring!

Specifications of the GBX1 Indoor Grommet Set:

One complete set.
Clear / transparent color. (NOT black as shown in sample image)
Bumper / Grommet Set for all GBX1 racquetball racquets.


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