Gamma Pro Squash String, Super Sale

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Gamma Pro Squash String is a highly responsive gut-like multi-filament string which gives exceptional playability.  This is a Black colored 17 gauge string which is the most common gauge for squash players of all levels.  SUPER VALUE IN A HIGHLY RESPONSIVE STRING!  We dare you to compare prices!

Details of Gamma Pro Squash String:

Composition: Live Wire multifilament construction with an advanced super high-energy irradiation process.
Gauge: 17g/1.20mm
Length: 33 ft.
Color: Black

2 reviews for Gamma Pro Squash String, Super Sale

  1. DJ R.

    This is the same type of string I use in my tennis racket but packaged for squash. I like it because it is soft on the arm and very powerful. The tension lasts better than other squash strings I use that stretch out fast then feel dead.

  2. Kent F.

    Not to soft, not too firm…just right. Lasts a long time for me.

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