Fila Tennis and Paddle Backpack, Blue

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The Fila Tennis & Paddle Backpack is our most feature-rich backpack and is constructed with your every need in mind.  Use it for tennis, platform / paddle tennis, racquetball, squash or pickleball gear.  Four main pockets hold your racquet/paddles (up to two), shoes, balls and clothing.

Features of the Fila Tennis & Paddle Backpack

·Tennis backpack made of Nylon
·Space for rackets/paddles, balls, and clothes
·Pocket for shoes
·FILA logos
·Laptop / tablet compartment
·Tri-color design
·4 Pockets
·two large accessory pockets have thermo-lining

Color: Navy / White / Red

Dimensions: H 20 inches x W 13 inches x D 10 inches


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