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The E-Force Takeover 190 Racquetball Racquet is the new heavier teardrop shaped racquet released by E-Force for 2019.  The Takeover 190 is the heaviest racquet overall in the Takeover series is designed for players seeking more stability through the swing, or those with a slightly slower swing who perhaps rely more on their arm to swing the racquet rather than a fast wrist-snap. A player who swings in this way will find loads of power due to the added weight of the racquet that results in assistance with energy transfer at impact.

E-Force replaces the Dark Star series from 2017 with the Takeover series and introduces GC Powerfibers positioned among the racquet’s 50+ carbon graphite laminates for a stiffer feel with more power. Additionally, E-Force designers shifted the weighting in the racquet composition for a less head-heavy, more maneuverable feel across all four models. Prior technologies carry forward, including the G2 Power Booster Technology and the many other patented technologies that E-Force is known for.

Specifications of the E-Force Takeover 190 Racquet:

Weight: 190g (unstrung)
Head Size: 108 sq. inches
Head Shape:  Teardrop
Length: 22 in.
String Tension: 28-34 lbs
Factory String:  E-Force Oxygen 17g Black
Frame Color: Black / Blue
E-Force technologies: Extreme Longstring, Zero Richter Tubes X2, Powerhouse Shaft, GC Power Fibers, Dual Cylinder, Pwr Boosters G2
No Cover.

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Video is of one Takeover model, but all are similar in appearance…


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