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The E-Force Sector 5 170 Racquetball Racquet is the new lightweight, tri tear or teardrop shaped racquet released by E-Force for 2020.  The Sector 5 170 is the second lightest racquet in the Sector 5 series and as such provides incredible power and control.  Players with a fast wrist-snap and well-established technique will want to consider this model for its ability to generate terrific head speed.

Creating five distinct frame zones, Sector 5 Technology fuses together over 40 individual and precisely placed graphite laminates. Each of the 5 “sectors” is fined tuned to provide massive power. And when all 5 sectors are combined unparalleled performance. An extremely rigid racquet head is formed by near unidirectional graphite fibers. At both the corners and lower frame, stiff, light and torsion resistant GC Power Fibers are positioned on either side of a center zone of numerous multi directional carbon plies. Tremendous power and racquet snap are generated by an extremely flexible throat. Prior technologies carry forward, including the G2 Power Booster Technology and the many other patented technologies that E-Force is known for.

Specifications of the E-Force Sector 5 170 Racquet:

Weight: 170g (unstrung)
Head Size: 108 sq. inches
Head Shape:  Tri Tear
Length: 22 in.
String Tension: 28-34 lbs
Factory String:  E-Force Oxygen 17g Black
Frame Color: Black / Gold Bronze
E-Force technologies: Extreme Longstring, Zero Richter Tubes X2, Powerhouse Shaft, GC Power Fibers, Dual Cylinder, Pwr Boosters G2
No Cover.

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