Dunlop Rapid Power POP Tennis Paddle / Padel Paddle

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With the Dunlop Rapid Power you can easily learn to play due to a large sweet spot, standard hole pattern and pro EVA core for a blend of both power and control.  A graphite hitting surface aids with maximum control of ball placement, and because it’s a mid-weight paddle, it allows for a more controlled swing and stability at contact with the ball as you develop your strokes. The Rapid Power features the new standard, 38 mm profile and an even balance that is easy for any player to swing. The parallel hole pattern allows for terrific ball grab even on off-center hits and consistency of ball response as you learn to play.  For these reasons (and its amazing price!) we recommend this paddle for newer players or recreational players.  Includes a full, zippered cover.

The Dunlop Rapid Power POP Tennis Paddle is a favorite for players of POP TENNIS, padel and beach. 
This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.


Technologies of the Dunlop Rapid Power Paddle:

Parallel Holes: For consistency ball deflection off the paddle surface
Pro EVA Core: For a combination of power and control

Features of the Dunlop Rapid Control 2.0 Paddle:

Includes Full Zippered Cover.
Includes a wrist tether installed into the handle.
 360-375 grams (12.7-13.2 ounces)
Balance: Mid
Core:  Pro EVA
Beam:  38.0 mm thick
Length: 17.9 inches
Hole Count: 48
Face Surface:  smooth (no texture)
Grip Sizes: 4-1/4 inch
Color:  Black / Red

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