Ballszie Wearable Tennis Ball & Pickleball Holder, Black

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The Ballszie Wearable Pickleball Holder sits comfortably around the waist and keeps balls within easy reach!  Bend less, play more with the Ballszie Ball Holder!  No pockets in your shorts?  No problem! With the Ballszie you can hold up to six tennis balls or pickleballs on your front or backside.  Designed for both men and women and in black and white or pink and white colorways to meet your fashion needs.

Features of the Ballszie Wearable Tennis Ball & Pickleball Holder

•So lightweight & comfortable (weighs 8 oz with 6 balls)
•Holds your pickleballs with easy…easy to reach in and grab one out
•Twist to the front & pickup balls, no zipper, just a lightweight elastic keeps the balls in the pouch
•Twist, bend, turn…balls stay put
•Unisex…waist belt easily adjusts up to 52”

Watch the Ballszie in use on this Youtube Video



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