Babolat Syntec Evo Replacement Grip, For Comfort


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The Babolat Syntec Evo Grip is Babolat’s deluxe comfort offering for the player who wants a tacky, sweat absorbing, cushioned feel in their hand! With more padding than the Syntec Pro, this grip is designed to feel softer in the hand. Its tiny perforations wick moisture from the outer layer to give a no-slip feel and the tacky finish offers lasting hold. This is a replacement grip, meaning that you will remove all of the material on your current grip and wrap it on as your new, base grip on your racquet.

Note that if you are trying to keep your handle as small as possible, we would recommend the Syntec Team or Syntec Pro as the added cushioning will make your resulting racquet handle feel slightly larger in your hand.

Features of the Babolat Syntec Evo Grip:

One per package.
Cushioned feel
Surface: Perforated for moisture transport; tacky finish
Babolat name and logo imprinted boldly on the grip


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