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The Babolat Pure Aero for 2016 is an updated version of its predecessor geared toward all court players and baseline hitters seeking a combination of control and power.  Now featuring a more aerodynamic beam for added maneuverability, a more open string pattern (still 16×19, but more space between cross strings) and oblong grommets all to enhance spin, feel, and ball responsiveness.  CLOSEOUT.


Head Size: 100 sq. inches
Length: 27”
Weight: 10.6 oz. (unstrung)
Balance: Head Light
String Pattern: 16×19
Width: 23/26/23 MM
Factory Grip:  Babolat Syntec Pro
Optimal String Tension: 50-59 lbs.
Includes full cover.

Babolat Woofer technology – brings enhanced control and sensation with every strike of the ball.

Aeromodular2 – The newest generation of Babolat’s Aeromodular technology. Features varying profiles of the frame at the throat, shaft and the head of the racquet, each  strategically shaped to reduce air drag and increase swing speed.

FSI – Frame String Interaction – raises the sweet spot and decreases the space between the cross strings for improved control and a more responsive string bed.

Cortex System – optimizes the overall feel of the ball and gives every player added comfort.

GT Technology is located around the head of the racquet for superior precision and reduced torque.


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