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The Babolat Contact is an outstanding choice in the lightweight padel or pop tennis paddle category that has been designed for ease of swing for POP TENNIS (paddle tennis), padel and beach tennis.  This paddle is NOT used for Platform Tennis.

The Babolat Contact Pop Tennis Paddle easy to swing, yet has just enough weight in the head that it feels smooth and stable at ball contact. The round shaped frame offers a centralized impact zone for more precision. Its clean cut holes provide tremendous grab on the ball, while the smooth face prolongs contact with the ball.  This is a great choice for a player seeking a super easy to swing paddle that has a soft, shock absorbing feel at impact and provides great power and control. Includes a full, zippered cover.


Features of the Babolat Contact Pop Tennis Paddle / Padel Paddle:

Includes Full Zippered Cover.
Includes a wrist tether installed into the handle.
 345 grams +/- 10 g
Balance:  265 mm +/- 10 mm
Beam:  38.0 mm thick
Face Surface:  Smooth; no texture or grit
Grip Sizes Available:
4-1/4 inch
Color:  Black / Blue / Orange
Other: Integrated head guard for protection and durability

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